Happy Earth Day 2.0

This time of year and this day, is a time when more people are thinking about the environment and how we are living in relation to it.  That is hopeful but it is also a problem because we should be thinking about this everyday.

The fact is that the Earth will do just fine without us, but we can not continue to do fine unless we live in more harmony with the Earth and it’s natural environment.  If you look at issues like pollution, energy, sprawl, our consumption of resources, climate, water, what we are doing to our food, and so much more, the need to change how we live is very clear. The good news is that we can do it, if we have the will.

We have the knowledge and technologies now to reduce the human footprint on the Earth by 90% while greatly improving the quality of our lives.  The question is will we?

Here are a couple of the things I am doing, one is Green-Living-Florida.com it is a Florida specific site I just started that I hope will help easily and personally connect people in Florida to green businesses, resources, and lifestyle change throughout the state. Big project, important project, input and ideas appreciated.

Another thing I am doing is working with a new company called Eco Mart.  This is a network marketing company that is focused on green products and green issues. This is the type of company I have been dreaming of for many years.  Why?  Because apart from all the hype, misconceptions, and abuse, etc. network marketing (MLM) is the most effective way I know of to affect real change in the marketplace that large corporations must adapt to or lose market share.  It is in essence an extremely effective form of consumer activism, of sticking it to large corporations which are producing bad products, of voting with your dollars as well as a proven way to increase the number of dollars you have.

Network Marketing rewards people for changing the products they buy and sharing them with others which creates more demand for those types of products.  Network marketing has created such demand for natural health and skin care products, eco-friendly cleaning products and more that larger mainstream companies have been forced to respond with similar products on store shelves.  Network marketing has been leading such change for decades.

Further network marketing educates consumers better, gets them personally involved and of course offers financial incentives that traditional marketing simply doesn’t.  Eco Mart does all of this and more with an educational web site, a free environmental newsletter to help us reduce our footprint, aptly named Footprints, and free green social network called Global Force to help get people better educated and more connected.

Eco Mart is officially launching their Green business opportunity tonight via webinar.  I invite you to tune in and find out what is going on.  If it resonates with you I invite you to contact me and get involved.  If it doesn’t that is very simple too, don’t!

To find out what is going on with Eco Mart and how you can make a living making a difference register for the webinar now HERE (space is limited) then join us tonight Earth Day April 22, 2010 at 6:00 PM (PDT) / 9:00 PM (EDT)

Whatever you are doing this day I wanted to remind you to be more mindful of the environment and the need for all of us to live in harmony with it.  Our future depends on it, Earth Day isn’t really about the planet’s future, it’s about ours.

Let’s live in harmony with nature and make it a better future!


David Mitchell Blood

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Happy Earth Day

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No Magic Pill

Recently I got to looking at online programs to supercharge my business then I stopped to think that my business and what I am doing is really about relationships. It’s not about adding as many people as I can as fast as I can without any real connection.  When relationships stay central it can be become fast and more importantly it will be far more stable.

What are the most productive things to do in an industry that is about relationships and people?  Could the desire/need to build fast actually sabotage long term success?  Does that have lessons for making real environmental changes as well?

To build a stable long term network marketing business you need to help people grow into success and build a team, that’s about adding value to people’s lives, encouragement, developing connections, and mentoring.  THAT is what makes Network Marketing the best industry in the world!  It’s not about automatic systems that put your message out to millions of people, to see what sticks (for a while).

When I hear of new people building huge MLM businesses seemingly overnight using online systems it is VERY alluring.  But when I step back I have to wonder both how real it is, and how stable it is?

This is also true of making change for the environment.  It will be done most effectively person to person through relationships and incentives or rewards for making personal change.  There is a lot of media attention on the environment and climate change, and that is obviously having a very large impact, but is it enough?  How many people give lip service to it but don’t really do anything different in the way they live, what and how they consume things.  How many more just don’t care and dismiss it altogether?

This is why I believe that GlobalForce with its network marketing model can make a huge difference, because it’s about relationships, making change person to person, plus rewarding and incentivising positive change in what we consume. Again making change is about adding value to people’s lives, encouragement, developing connections, and mentoring, that is how we can grow a huge network marketing business, it is also what can make the most solid positive change for the environment.

There really aren’t any magic pills or short cuts.  I have some computer savvy, and a wee bit of writing skill, so I think the Internet can be a great tool for starting to build relationships, a network marketing business, and educating people about the environment.  But it really comes back to developing strong relationships and rewarding positive change.  Through our personal relationships and giving people financial incentive to change we can create a better world for our children, and their children.  No magic pill or short cuts will do that.

Be a part of the change join GlobalForce today.

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Eco Expos

With Earth Day on the 22nd there are lot’s of Eco or Green Living Expos happening right now.  I was at a great one this weekend and have two more next weekend.

Even better with Eco Mart we are making Earth Day everyday with in home Eco Expos that show people how to live greener and make a living making a difference.  If you’d like to learn more click here and contact me directly.

David Blood


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What’s Your Type?

If you are someone seeking to build a substantial home based business what type of company are you investing your valuable time and effort into?

Recently a friend wrote this to me;

“There are three types of MLM companies in the world…

  • Comp Plan driven
  • Product driven
  • Cause driven

Comp Plan driven programs never last long as there is no culture or real glue to keep the distributors who don’t make the big money.

Product driven programs have a better chance, but usually they start to fade when the lead product’s life cycle has peaked.

If you can create an MLM program around a REAL cause (not just a front for a comp plan ‘cause it sounds good), you have a chance of doing something truly significant.  More importantly, it is almost impossible to recruit a cause driven distributor into another program, meaning your income remains secure long-term.”

This reminded me of the three little pigs and their houses (thus the illustration above) of the three, the house of bricks took the most work and time to build, but it also withstood all the attacks of the wolf to destroy it, it stood firm when the others where destroyed.

It is impossible for me to say how many companies in the MLM industry have come and gone that where driven by the comp plan and how fast people have jumped from one to the other, building nothing of lasting value for themselves or anyone else.

Product driven companies do a bit better, but not much.  I mean how many vitamin, skin care, and juice companies are there in this industry?  Wireless Cell Phone Programs are the latest craze.  It is a product that makes since because it is a product that everyone uses.  But just this morning I received an email with the subject “Game Over We Win, Unlimited Talk and Text for $10”

Immediately I could see in my mind the exodus from other companies to that one, that is until another company comes out with something to top it.  In fact this afternoon another company announced “Get 3, Get it FREE” talk, text, and web.  So is the game over or does it play on?  And who is winning?

Simply said when it comes to comp plans and products, another company is always going to come out with something that looks better than the last best thing that was out.

Now let’s reference a few cause driven companies.

One is in the greeting card business, on the surface of it when most people send only about ten cards a year this company should not be succeeding.  Yet it is in a big way.  It is also very strongly cause driven, it is about acting on promptings to encourage and build people up and it is one of the great success stories in the MLM industry.  In many ways this company embodies the best of what the MLM business is about.

Another company is in the legal services industry, they sell an intangible product that most people don’t feel they need.  Tough sell!  Yet they are driven by the cause of bringing equal justice to all in a legal system that often seems unfair and unjust.  This company has been around for over thirty years and is truly one of the greatest success stories in the MLM industry.

While wellness companies in the MLM industry almost seem a dime a dozen, there are many that are clearly cause driven and have carved out a unique niche for themselves with their story.  Thus they have withstood the test of time, and still offer new people great opportunities while others fade into the wind.

For years I have thought that MLM/Network Marketing would be the most effective way to bring a real cultural shift toward more environmentally responsible living and indeed many of the industry’s wellness companies have helped by providing very fine environmentally safe cleaning products.

However they have also stopped short of the potential for environmental cause driven change in two ways.

1st. The extent of green products has usually been cleaning products.  Every product we use impacts the environment.  Not every product will work well in the MLM industry but there is high potential for a much more diverse range of environmentally friendly products.

2nd. The companies which market these cleaning products are primarily wellness companies, with the focus of their mission being on wellness, thus their impact on the environmental front is reduced.

That is changing NOW!  EcoMart is a fiercely cause driven company with a total focus on the environment.  If you care about the environment I invite you to look at Eco Mart.  Explore the web site to see for yourself the passion for and commitment to provide an opportunity that can bring a real cultural shift toward more environmentally responsible living.

This company has been building a solid foundation to provide people who care about the environment the opportunity to get in front of the new green economy and make a significant living while making a significant difference.

The EcoMart opportunity is unique in several ways.

1st. It is built on a Social Media platform (like FaceBook), which is free to join.

2nd. The main focus is to empower people on an individual basis to reduce their carbon foot print and turn the world green one home at a time.

3rd. Unlike many MLM companies, the products in the EcoMart online shopping portal are priced so that an individual can actually “go green” and SAVE money in the process by simply shifting the dollars they are currently spending in their local store and shop at EcoMart instead.

4th. The Affiliate marketing opportunity is simple.  All you do is refer others to the FREE Social Network.  When they move from blogging and reading free green weekly newsletters to shopping or joining as EcoPreneurs, you’ll get paid rather significant “thank you” bonuses.

The note from my friend on the three different types of MLM companies came from Kim Simsby, one of the most successful people in the Network Marketing industry.  He left a very successful business to be a part of the legacy that EcoMart is creating.

Many others, including myself, have done the same.  If you are passionate about the environment, if you believe we must live more in harmony and with more respect for nature, I invite you to join us.  We will help you succeed, as all of our futures depend on us changing the way we live.  And that change can most effectively happen person to person.

To see if the core of this company truly resonates with you, take a moment to read CEO, Harvey Conner’s Blog “Defining Moments.

Please join us and make a difference today.

David Blood


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Effective Environmental Activism

Often effective activism is seen as protesting, boycotting, writing the legislature, campaigning for an issue, etc.  All of these have their place. But when it comes right down to helping the environment, are any of these the most effective forms of activism?

We are a consumer society and most of the products we purchase and use, including where and how we buy them, are the major contributors to destroying not only the environment but our health as well.

Virtually all of the products we put into our bodies and/or on our skin are full of toxins which are bad for us and the environment.  We live and work in buildings that make people sick due to toxins and the way they are built.  Items we use in our daily lives from cleaners to bottled water, skin care, and much more add to the toxins, waste, and other environmental problems.  When we buy these products we are accepting and approving what they do to us and the environment.

The earth’s environmental problems are largely caused by our consumption and purchasing habits.  Large corporations do not have big incentives to change this and offer better products as that would negatively effect their profits.  In part that is because the more inefficient something is, the less it lasts, the cheaper it is to produce, the more profit they make.  Money talks.

So how can we change this?  The answer may surprise you.  Direct sales/network marketing has been very effective at making such change for decades.

In 1960 a concentrated laundry detergent was first introduced through network marketing, it took so much market share that large corporations like Proctor and Gamble had to put more concentrated detergents on the market to prevent further financial loses.  Biodegradable cleaning products, organic skin care and nutritional products were available through many network marketing companies for years before they started appearing on store shelves.  Now consumer demand for environmentally friendly, organic, and safe products is growing so fast that large corporations are having to change or lose.

Network marketing helps promote better products because of personal interaction. When a product is recommended by a friend you have an opportunity to learn more about the product and its benefits.  A product that is good for you and the environment is not as likely to sell well on a store shelf because it will usually cost more than a cheap product full of toxins.  It needs advocates, people to share its value and benefits.

Lets be blunt, money doesn’t just talk to large corporations, it talks to virtually all of us. Money is a highly motivating incentive for corporations and for people like you and me. Network marketing works in promoting healthy and environmentally friendly products by giving people a strong financial motive to buy them plus share them AND the opportunity with others.  Network Marketing when treated as a business has rescued many people from financial disaster in tough times.  It has also made many people rich beyond their dreams.

Network marketing has been very effective at bringing organic, environmentally friendly, life changing, AND industry changing products to market in a way that big industry can’t easily stop.  It brings products to market person to person, under the nose of big industry so effectively that by the time big industry is aware of it enough to do something it’s too late to stop. They either have to change to compete or lose.

To this point network marketing has essentially stuck with high volume consumer products such as cleaning products, skin care, and nutrition, without moving much into low volume or one time purchase products.  These types of products need highly motivated advocates just as much as high volume products do.  In fact even more so, as low volume products are often even more environmentally friendly.  For example batteries that last years vs. ones that last months.

Enter Eco Mart

This is a company with a commitment to bring life and game or industry changing environmentally friendly products to the consumer directly under the corporate nose through person to person marketing.

Their diverse product line includes high volume consumer products such as cleaning products, pet food, and nutrition.  It also includes low volume or one time purchase products such as a product that raises the pH of water, a beer machine, a shower water filter and more.

New products are rapidly being added with a commitment to continually find products that are truly good for us and the environment.  Eco Mart will offer environmentally friendly products of virtually any description.  Products that will change industries from environmentally destructive to protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment.

The company is also making a difference with a free eco centered social network such as Facebook called Global Force.  To use and promote these type of products and to help others do the same with an extremely low cost green home based business opportunity is truly effective environmental activism.  Helping to change peoples buying habits is the most effective form of environmental activism as it changes industry not by force of law but by the force of money.  Again, money talks, it’s a very powerful motivator and industry must change or lose.

To really find out about Eco Mart, what its passion and values are, what we are doing, and where we are going go to this web site, look around, register for the free Global Force Social Network and try some products. Together we can be an extremely effective force of environmental activism helping to protect, preserve and enhance our environment.

Let’s work together to help save our planet.  Learn more about being an effective environmental activist at Eco Mart.

David Mitchell Blood

© 2010 David Mitchell Blood

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Resurrection Celebration

The above photo is of an Allamanda Bush which for several weeks I thought the harsh Winter had killed.  But Spring is here and new life is growing from the old!  In this season of celebrating resurrection, like this bush I am joyfully celebrating the resurrection of this blog and my green business!

Over a year ago I found an opportunity to work with a unique company to promote a diverse line of environmentally friendly products and greener lifestyles, during that time I started this blog, but as with many businesses in today’s economy that opportunity did not survive.

I feel that a home based network marketing opportunity can help substantially green our society as they are person to person, generally low cost, and simple making it easy for people to get involved with while providing potentially high returns. But it must have the right mix.

As I looked at other “green” home based business opportunities I could not find anything I felt measured up.  Several home business opportunities have very fine cleaning products, but I felt that was not diverse enough to attract me as our carbon footprint is affected by a great many things other than simply the products we use to clean.  I felt to be most effective in helping people live greener lives, the business would have to be more diverse in what it offered.

Many fine home based business opportunities with eco-friendly cleaning products are essentially wellness companies with the core of their product lines being in the nutrition and/or skin care industries.  That is wonderful and needed, but I feel these lack a strong enough focus on the environment to be as effective as an opportunity more strongly focused on the environment would be.

I was looking for the right mix of singleness of purpose with diversity of product.

Just this last week I stumbled onto new life, a company that in the midst of hard economic times has been quietly investing in and building a solid foundation for over two years upon which to officially launch this Earth Day (April 22, 2010). The company is GlobalForce/Eco Mart and they are offering far more than simply an opportunity with a diverse line of environmentally friendly products.  They are also offering a cause driven educational web site with a FREE weekly Footprints newsletter and online green social network.

From the web site:

“GlobalForce has a vision. To bring renewal to individuals, to society and to Mother Nature. To be the most powerful, cause-driven and green social network on the Web. To establish our EcoMart® e-Commerce site as the leading green site for high-quality, environmentally responsible products that renew the health of our planet and ensure the future for our children and grandchildren. To help people prosper in turbulent times. To empower aspiring social entrepreneurs with the platform, mindset and skills they need to become financially self-sufficient while serving others and making a difference. To nurture and mentor leadership through life-changing personal growth training and support systems.

Your success means success for all of us. And that means we will give back through investments and contributions to projects that develop sustainable agriculture, promote alternative energy and plant trees to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Let us help you… help us ALL!”

Humanity is facing a crisis from which this planet will survive, BUT humans may not!  Unless we change the way we live, most of life on this planet may be extinguished to be resurrected only after the damage humans have caused has been healed.  We must live in greater harmony with nature, a major part of that is in the products we use in our daily lives.  Here is an opportunity to help make a difference person to person.

If you care about making a difference I hope you will join me today.  Together we can help new life spring from old, before it is too late.


David Mitchell Blood


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