Work with purpose not just for a paycheck.

What where your dreams as a child? Where you going to change the world, make it better? Are you doing work with purpose that is making a difference, or did “reality” set in and you’re not following your dreams? If your dreams got side tracked by “reality” this blog will help you reawaken them!

It will show you how can earn a living, a fabulous living, in ways that make money and makes life better for you, your family, your community, society, and our planet.

This blog will show you how to build a home based business from a values and right livelihood perspective emphasizing an environmentally positive and ethical business opportunity.

This blog is a resource for anyone who wants to have a home based business that is more than just a paycheck. It is for people who do or want to earn a living that is congruent with their values of helping to make the would a better, more holistic, and greener place.

If you care about earning income while making a positive difference, and living more simply, this can be a wonderful resource for you. It is a place of encouragement and support for like minded people.

If you care most about earning income just to get more things like opulent homes and luxury cars, another site might fit you better. But your welcome to stay and learn of a more fulfilling way of living.

I have no problem with money or wealth. In fact many wealthy people are great humanitarians and environmentalists who choose to give a great deal back to society and the Earth, to enrich others lives by sharing their wealth, to live more simply (below their means), to live in environmentally friendly homes, and to drive more environmentally friendly cars, etc. That is wonderful, and is FULLY supported and encouraged here. However I’m not too keen on obtaining wealth just to live an overly extravagant lifestyle. I really can’t judge that, but this blog wouldn’t be a good fit for those who seek just that. It is a blog with a higher purpose.

It is my goal on this blog to provide like minded people, with resources to be able to create a living income (no matter what size, large or small) that is totally in alignment with your core values, vision, and dreams, as well as protecting the environment.

Welcome, I hope that you will find this to be a valuable, enjoyable, and useful resource and that you will join me as a Eco Mart Ecopreneur working to enrich life on this planet.



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