Go Green, Live Rich

You have very likely heard of David Bach, you may have even read some of his “Finish Rich” bestsellers. This book is titled “Live Rich” rather than “Finish Rich” for a good reason, he says that going green now can help you live a richer life NOW, rather than just finishing rich later. I absolutely agree.

In the book David Bach outlines 50 simple ways to save the Earth, but he does much more. Many people who are attracted to his other books on automatic wealth and finishing rich may not have thought that much about “green”, he uses his position and voice to reach those people and help to mainstream green even more. He shows how simple it can be, how it can better everyones life, and gives a wealth of resources. Thank you David!

Mr. Bach actually went green by accident. A new building he moved into is the greenest building in NYC, he moved there for location, not because it was green. He found his life and health improving so much there that he was hooked and is now a green advocate. I love accidents like that!

As in his other books David recommends starting a business to increase your wealth with a focus on Green businesses, this is solid advice with what is happening on the world right now. Green is the hottest thing out there and that is as it should be, we need to take action fast to save our planet.

Eco Mart had not lunched yet when Mr. Bach Wrote this book so it is not included. As it is a very low cost to start up, has a great compensation plan, and a wonderfully diverse line of green products (with many more being added) I believe it should be, I recommend it over any other green home based businesses that I have seen.

There are several direct selling companies out there with green cleaning products which I have great respect for, the problem for me is that the cleaning products is where the green opportunity stops with most companies. That is what Eco Mart is all about so they are making available a very wide verity of products that are consumable as well as single purchase products. I’ve been looking for something like this for over twenty years, even with all the other green start ups out there I don’t see any other that comes close to Eco Mart.

Anyway I got a bit off track. Many people think of green has having to sacrifice and give up things. Not only does it not have to be like that, it can be a much better life. I recommend David Bach’s book for that reason. It is a great resource for learning how a greener life can be a richer life.

I highly recommend it, it and more information is available on his web site, plus here is a video from him about it.

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