Is MLM in conflict with idealists and green activists?

This is a very valid question, I think anyone who is driven by more than money, who wants to work for a higher purpose with integrity should question this.

For years I’ve had a love hate relationship with MLM. As an idealist and someone who sees how greed has damaged our world I hate the get rich, materialistic, self-centered hype that most Network Marketing companies use to attract and motivate people.

While I desire a good income, the over the top materialistic focus so common in MLM is not only not me, I find it offensive. You may feel the same.

Marketing approaches such as “Automatically Make up to $1,000 to $5,000 a Week” focus only on greed and promote expectations that very, very few will ever achieve. That is not something that I could ever be proud to be associated with.

Yes, MLM is often abused. However, if you were to avoid an industry because of abuse, you could not do law, education, construction, politics, non-profits, real-estate, religion, or any business or profession. There is abuse everywhere, look for what you want to do, what you are passionate about, do your research on it, then if you like what you find do it, and do it right.

On the positive side as an idealist I love the life changing products and services that many MLM companies have. Network Marketing companies have in fact been years ahead of the market leading with environmentally friendly products, health and skin care products that are truly good for you. In fact one very well respected MLM company became the very first certified climate neutral corporation on the planet.

Network marketing companies often lead with nutritional products and unique services that buck the establishment. They also market the type of products and services that need person to person recommendations, they wouldn’t do well sitting on a store shelf next to cheaper bargain products. They need passionate activists who believe in their value to promote them.

I love that Network Marketing is a low cost business that people can start with very little money and not only build residual incomes for themselves, but help others do the same. I love that people can start and succeed regardless of education, background, race, religion, etc.

Network marketing at it’s best is about working together co-operatively to help each other succeed, and that is extremely idealist. Network Marketing / MLM when treated as a business has also rescued many people from financial disaster in tough times.

Like many people best selling author Robert Kiyosaki was against Multi-Level Marketing for many years, but after opening his mind he saw advantages to it that few other businesses offer. He says: “Long-term success is a reflection of your education, life experience, and personal character. Many Network-marketing companies provide training in those key areas.”

To make change in society idealists and activists have to overcome self-doubt, fear of rejection, shyness, many times dealing with nay sayers even out right opposition, and learn to keep going after failing. Network Marketing /direct sales can provide excellent experience in these areas.

Further a Network Marketing business is something that can be started part-time. Lets say that you’re not working in the area that you desire to work in, you’ve got a job that helps pay the bills but it’s not your passion. If you find a MLM company that is aligned with your passion, you can start part time there. You can build it up to a full time venture that can give you more freedom to contribute and work for (including volunteering) causes that you are passionate about. Many successful people in the industry have done just that.

To be most effective and have the most credibility in promoting change a higher level of education is often required, at a high cost. With a network marketing business you could have the financial and time freedom to go back to school to get the education that could help you more effectively promote your passion.

While many MLM companies seem to focus on money and greed, many also have excellent products and services that genuinely help to improve health, the environment, society, etc. A few go above and beyond with truly exceptional products and services PLUS a clear mission and purpose to do good and make a positive difference in the world. These I believe any person driven by higher ideals could be proud to be associated with.

Network marketing companies almost always have higher priced products. While it would be nice to be able to get the highest quality products at bargain prices the reality is that just won’t happen and cheap products are cheap for a reason, often because they are bad for both you and the environment. This is one of the challenges toward making real positive change in the choices people make with their purchases, and a major reason that such products are more often found in person to person relationship based or network marketing opportunities rather than sitting on store shelves.

With my values, one company in particular stands out above all others with their focus on protecting, preserving, and enhancing the environment. I have thought for years that Network Marketing would be a key way to mainstream Green products and living. My frustration was that while many MLM companies have environmentally friendly cleaning products, very few have anything else with a strong environmental focus.

Eco Mart has changed that with a diverse and growing line of green products. Of course they have cleaning products and nutrition – network marketing staples. They also have car products, biodegradable trash bags , pet food, water products, a beer maker, and much more on the way.

Eco Mart is also a zero carbon footprint company, one more thing to feel very good about.  Even the web site is hosted on green servers that are off the grid.

Another key reason I like Eco Mart is that there is no $200-$500 or more fee to get started in this business, just register for a small one time $45 with no monthly fees for replicated websites (that is FREE!), buy products, use them, and share with others. It’s very simple.  Several of the products are very easy to sample and demonstrate.

There is also a FREE social network called Global Force to unite and educate people in the cause of protecting the environment.  And a weekly environmental newsletter called Footprints.

Through Eco Mart you can choose to use products that are better for the environment plus you have an incentive to choose them because you can earn income when others you share it with purchase.

There are many ways to do this, one of the most effective of which is to put on Personal Green Living Expos to not only promote Global Force, Eco Mart, our products, and opportunity but to give valuable tips to guests for living a greener life even if they don’t purchase any products.

Eco Mart gives you an economic incentive to promote these products and services enabling you to be an environmental activist while earning an income. If there was ever an MLM for idealists and green activists this, for me is it.

Is it right for you? I invite you to find out now.

Go to my Eco Mart web site and register now. Purchase some products and try them for yourself, also call and connect with me, let’s really get to know each other, I want to help you, and to help promote greener, more environmentally responsible living any way I can.  My number is 941-586-9959

We have the training and support to help you be an environmental activist while earning a living that you can be proud of.

Discover if Eco Mart is right for you, register and try some products now, and together we can cast a green shadow as professional environmental activists.

To A Better Future,

David Mitchell Blood

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