Help Wanted – Earth

If you care about the environment keep reading, if not STOP right now!

Now that that is established, if you would like to network with other like minded people I would like to invite you to join Global Force, a new FREE online Green Social Network.  Global Force aims to help preserve our planet with a safe online community where we can exchange ideas and together find solutions to escalating environmental issues.

They give you simple tips and tools (including a weekly newsletter) for your own green living that you can share with everyone you know and actually BE a part of the solution.

I invite you to join Global Force with me whether you are curious and just starting to understand “green” or if you are an Eco-Warrior already practicing a low carbon footprint.

It’s easy… just visit the GlobalForce website. Use the free carbon calculators to measure your personal environmental impact and learn how you can actually become carbon neutral.

An opportunity like this has been a dream of mine for many years.  Officially launching on Earth Day 2010 I am very happy to also invite you to join Eco Mart. Eco Mart connects YOU the individual, to the pipeline of billions of dollars that, over the coming years, will be spent on eco-friendly, socially responsible and sustainable products as the world goes green… and Eco Mart pays you for helping expand the community and reduce our environmental impact!

I am seeking to work with like minded people who care about the environment and want to make a difference.  If that is you, join now and let’s work together to create a more environmentally friendly society. If you know others who care about the environment get them to join too. This is a grass roots job, it’s in OUR power and this company gives people like you and me the incentive to go green and help others go green.

Go to my Eco Mart web site now, and contact me, lets get to know each other and work together to help save our planet.


David Mitchell Blood

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