Resurrection Celebration

The above photo is of an Allamanda Bush which for several weeks I thought the harsh Winter had killed.  But Spring is here and new life is growing from the old!  In this season of celebrating resurrection, like this bush I am joyfully celebrating the resurrection of this blog and my green business!

Over a year ago I found an opportunity to work with a unique company to promote a diverse line of environmentally friendly products and greener lifestyles, during that time I started this blog, but as with many businesses in today’s economy that opportunity did not survive.

I feel that a home based network marketing opportunity can help substantially green our society as they are person to person, generally low cost, and simple making it easy for people to get involved with while providing potentially high returns. But it must have the right mix.

As I looked at other “green” home based business opportunities I could not find anything I felt measured up.  Several home business opportunities have very fine cleaning products, but I felt that was not diverse enough to attract me as our carbon footprint is affected by a great many things other than simply the products we use to clean.  I felt to be most effective in helping people live greener lives, the business would have to be more diverse in what it offered.

Many fine home based business opportunities with eco-friendly cleaning products are essentially wellness companies with the core of their product lines being in the nutrition and/or skin care industries.  That is wonderful and needed, but I feel these lack a strong enough focus on the environment to be as effective as an opportunity more strongly focused on the environment would be.

I was looking for the right mix of singleness of purpose with diversity of product.

Just this last week I stumbled onto new life, a company that in the midst of hard economic times has been quietly investing in and building a solid foundation for over two years upon which to officially launch this Earth Day (April 22, 2010). The company is GlobalForce/Eco Mart and they are offering far more than simply an opportunity with a diverse line of environmentally friendly products.  They are also offering a cause driven educational web site with a FREE weekly Footprints newsletter and online green social network.

From the web site:

“GlobalForce has a vision. To bring renewal to individuals, to society and to Mother Nature. To be the most powerful, cause-driven and green social network on the Web. To establish our EcoMart® e-Commerce site as the leading green site for high-quality, environmentally responsible products that renew the health of our planet and ensure the future for our children and grandchildren. To help people prosper in turbulent times. To empower aspiring social entrepreneurs with the platform, mindset and skills they need to become financially self-sufficient while serving others and making a difference. To nurture and mentor leadership through life-changing personal growth training and support systems.

Your success means success for all of us. And that means we will give back through investments and contributions to projects that develop sustainable agriculture, promote alternative energy and plant trees to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Let us help you… help us ALL!”

Humanity is facing a crisis from which this planet will survive, BUT humans may not!  Unless we change the way we live, most of life on this planet may be extinguished to be resurrected only after the damage humans have caused has been healed.  We must live in greater harmony with nature, a major part of that is in the products we use in our daily lives.  Here is an opportunity to help make a difference person to person.

If you care about making a difference I hope you will join me today.  Together we can help new life spring from old, before it is too late.


David Mitchell Blood


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