Effective Environmental Activism

Often effective activism is seen as protesting, boycotting, writing the legislature, campaigning for an issue, etc.  All of these have their place. But when it comes right down to helping the environment, are any of these the most effective forms of activism?

We are a consumer society and most of the products we purchase and use, including where and how we buy them, are the major contributors to destroying not only the environment but our health as well.

Virtually all of the products we put into our bodies and/or on our skin are full of toxins which are bad for us and the environment.  We live and work in buildings that make people sick due to toxins and the way they are built.  Items we use in our daily lives from cleaners to bottled water, skin care, and much more add to the toxins, waste, and other environmental problems.  When we buy these products we are accepting and approving what they do to us and the environment.

The earth’s environmental problems are largely caused by our consumption and purchasing habits.  Large corporations do not have big incentives to change this and offer better products as that would negatively effect their profits.  In part that is because the more inefficient something is, the less it lasts, the cheaper it is to produce, the more profit they make.  Money talks.

So how can we change this?  The answer may surprise you.  Direct sales/network marketing has been very effective at making such change for decades.

In 1960 a concentrated laundry detergent was first introduced through network marketing, it took so much market share that large corporations like Proctor and Gamble had to put more concentrated detergents on the market to prevent further financial loses.  Biodegradable cleaning products, organic skin care and nutritional products were available through many network marketing companies for years before they started appearing on store shelves.  Now consumer demand for environmentally friendly, organic, and safe products is growing so fast that large corporations are having to change or lose.

Network marketing helps promote better products because of personal interaction. When a product is recommended by a friend you have an opportunity to learn more about the product and its benefits.  A product that is good for you and the environment is not as likely to sell well on a store shelf because it will usually cost more than a cheap product full of toxins.  It needs advocates, people to share its value and benefits.

Lets be blunt, money doesn’t just talk to large corporations, it talks to virtually all of us. Money is a highly motivating incentive for corporations and for people like you and me. Network marketing works in promoting healthy and environmentally friendly products by giving people a strong financial motive to buy them plus share them AND the opportunity with others.  Network Marketing when treated as a business has rescued many people from financial disaster in tough times.  It has also made many people rich beyond their dreams.

Network marketing has been very effective at bringing organic, environmentally friendly, life changing, AND industry changing products to market in a way that big industry can’t easily stop.  It brings products to market person to person, under the nose of big industry so effectively that by the time big industry is aware of it enough to do something it’s too late to stop. They either have to change to compete or lose.

To this point network marketing has essentially stuck with high volume consumer products such as cleaning products, skin care, and nutrition, without moving much into low volume or one time purchase products.  These types of products need highly motivated advocates just as much as high volume products do.  In fact even more so, as low volume products are often even more environmentally friendly.  For example batteries that last years vs. ones that last months.

Enter Eco Mart

This is a company with a commitment to bring life and game or industry changing environmentally friendly products to the consumer directly under the corporate nose through person to person marketing.

Their diverse product line includes high volume consumer products such as cleaning products, pet food, and nutrition.  It also includes low volume or one time purchase products such as a product that raises the pH of water, a beer machine, a shower water filter and more.

New products are rapidly being added with a commitment to continually find products that are truly good for us and the environment.  Eco Mart will offer environmentally friendly products of virtually any description.  Products that will change industries from environmentally destructive to protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment.

The company is also making a difference with a free eco centered social network such as Facebook called Global Force.  To use and promote these type of products and to help others do the same with an extremely low cost green home based business opportunity is truly effective environmental activism.  Helping to change peoples buying habits is the most effective form of environmental activism as it changes industry not by force of law but by the force of money.  Again, money talks, it’s a very powerful motivator and industry must change or lose.

To really find out about Eco Mart, what its passion and values are, what we are doing, and where we are going go to this web site, look around, register for the free Global Force Social Network and try some products. Together we can be an extremely effective force of environmental activism helping to protect, preserve and enhance our environment.

Let’s work together to help save our planet.  Learn more about being an effective environmental activist at Eco Mart.

David Mitchell Blood

© 2010 David Mitchell Blood

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