No Magic Pill

Recently I got to looking at online programs to supercharge my business then I stopped to think that my business and what I am doing is really about relationships. It’s not about adding as many people as I can as fast as I can without any real connection.  When relationships stay central it can be become fast and more importantly it will be far more stable.

What are the most productive things to do in an industry that is about relationships and people?  Could the desire/need to build fast actually sabotage long term success?  Does that have lessons for making real environmental changes as well?

To build a stable long term network marketing business you need to help people grow into success and build a team, that’s about adding value to people’s lives, encouragement, developing connections, and mentoring.  THAT is what makes Network Marketing the best industry in the world!  It’s not about automatic systems that put your message out to millions of people, to see what sticks (for a while).

When I hear of new people building huge MLM businesses seemingly overnight using online systems it is VERY alluring.  But when I step back I have to wonder both how real it is, and how stable it is?

This is also true of making change for the environment.  It will be done most effectively person to person through relationships and incentives or rewards for making personal change.  There is a lot of media attention on the environment and climate change, and that is obviously having a very large impact, but is it enough?  How many people give lip service to it but don’t really do anything different in the way they live, what and how they consume things.  How many more just don’t care and dismiss it altogether?

This is why I believe that GlobalForce with its network marketing model can make a huge difference, because it’s about relationships, making change person to person, plus rewarding and incentivising positive change in what we consume. Again making change is about adding value to people’s lives, encouragement, developing connections, and mentoring, that is how we can grow a huge network marketing business, it is also what can make the most solid positive change for the environment.

There really aren’t any magic pills or short cuts.  I have some computer savvy, and a wee bit of writing skill, so I think the Internet can be a great tool for starting to build relationships, a network marketing business, and educating people about the environment.  But it really comes back to developing strong relationships and rewarding positive change.  Through our personal relationships and giving people financial incentive to change we can create a better world for our children, and their children.  No magic pill or short cuts will do that.

Be a part of the change join GlobalForce today.

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