Happy Earth Day 2.0

This time of year and this day, is a time when more people are thinking about the environment and how we are living in relation to it.  That is hopeful but it is also a problem because we should be thinking about this everyday.

The fact is that the Earth will do just fine without us, but we can not continue to do fine unless we live in more harmony with the Earth and it’s natural environment.  If you look at issues like pollution, energy, sprawl, our consumption of resources, climate, water, what we are doing to our food, and so much more, the need to change how we live is very clear. The good news is that we can do it, if we have the will.

We have the knowledge and technologies now to reduce the human footprint on the Earth by 90% while greatly improving the quality of our lives.  The question is will we?

Here are a couple of the things I am doing, one is Green-Living-Florida.com it is a Florida specific site I just started that I hope will help easily and personally connect people in Florida to green businesses, resources, and lifestyle change throughout the state. Big project, important project, input and ideas appreciated.

Another thing I am doing is working with a new company called Eco Mart.  This is a network marketing company that is focused on green products and green issues. This is the type of company I have been dreaming of for many years.  Why?  Because apart from all the hype, misconceptions, and abuse, etc. network marketing (MLM) is the most effective way I know of to affect real change in the marketplace that large corporations must adapt to or lose market share.  It is in essence an extremely effective form of consumer activism, of sticking it to large corporations which are producing bad products, of voting with your dollars as well as a proven way to increase the number of dollars you have.

Network Marketing rewards people for changing the products they buy and sharing them with others which creates more demand for those types of products.  Network marketing has created such demand for natural health and skin care products, eco-friendly cleaning products and more that larger mainstream companies have been forced to respond with similar products on store shelves.  Network marketing has been leading such change for decades.

Further network marketing educates consumers better, gets them personally involved and of course offers financial incentives that traditional marketing simply doesn’t.  Eco Mart does all of this and more with an educational web site, a free environmental newsletter to help us reduce our footprint, aptly named Footprints, and free green social network called Global Force to help get people better educated and more connected.

Eco Mart is officially launching their Green business opportunity tonight via webinar.  I invite you to tune in and find out what is going on.  If it resonates with you I invite you to contact me and get involved.  If it doesn’t that is very simple too, don’t!

To find out what is going on with Eco Mart and how you can make a living making a difference register for the webinar now HERE (space is limited) then join us tonight Earth Day April 22, 2010 at 6:00 PM (PDT) / 9:00 PM (EDT)

Whatever you are doing this day I wanted to remind you to be more mindful of the environment and the need for all of us to live in harmony with it.  Our future depends on it, Earth Day isn’t really about the planet’s future, it’s about ours.

Let’s live in harmony with nature and make it a better future!


David Mitchell Blood

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